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Live Baccarat in Canadian Online Casinos

If you are a Canadian who enjoys casino table games but doesn’t want to visit a casino, the concept of live baccarat online might interest you. The live casino baccarat is so popular that no matter whether you are on a website or a mobile application, you will find an online baccarat live dealer on the majority of the online platforms. The game is comparatively easier to understand and that’s why new gamblers often try their hands at baccarat.

To make it more interactive, live baccarat online casino websites host real-time games, where a professional croupier hosts the session. Live footage of the game streams on the player’s laptop in HD quality, offering crystal-clear images.

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Live Baccarat Terminology

live baccarat rules, strategies and tacticsIf you are new to live baccarat online casino, there are some terminologies that you should get yourself informed with. This will allow you to understand the rules and game better. The following are some important terms that every baccarat player should know.

  • Action – This means the total amount of money a player wagers during the complete gambling session or a bet on a game.
  • Baccarat – It implies the worst hand in the game. The Italian word means 0 and describes the hand of cards with 0 values like Jacks, Kings, Queens, and 10s.
  • Banco – This Spanish word means banker or bank.
  • Bankroll – The total money a gamer intends to spend and can risk losing while gambling.
  • Croupier – It is a French term for a dealer.
  • Cut – It means dividing the deck in half after cards are shuffled.
  • Dealer – The dealer can be a player or a casino employee. They are responsible for dealing cards, drawing them to the Banker’s and Player’s hands, and making sure the game is running smoothly.
  • Face cards – The cards having portraits on them, including Jacks, Kings, and Queens.
  • High roller – This is the term for a gambler playing with high stakes.
  • Monkey – A slang used for all 10s cards and face cards.
  • Natural – When the 2 initially dealt cards show a total of 8 or 9.
  • Player – The Player is 1 of the 3 available bets along with Tie and Banker.
  • Punto – It means a player in Spanish.
  • Streak – If you witness several losses or multiple gains in a row, you form a streak.
  • Tie – Apart from Banker and Player, the Tie is amongst the 3 possible bets.

Live Baccarat – Basic Rules

The live casino baccarat is an easy card game to play and understand. It is played with 6 or 8 card decks, depending on the type of the game you are playing. That is, there are different versions of the game – European Baccarat, Chemin de fer, Mini Baccarat, Punto Banco, and Baccarat Banque. The rules remain pretty much the same for every variant.

The croupier deals 2 hands, which are the Banker’s hand and the Player’s hand. The gambler has to place a bet on either of the hands, which they think will win. After the bets are placed, the croupier deals 2 cards face-up to both the Banker and the Player. The winning hand will be the one with higher card values. A gambler can win, lose, or tie with the Banker.

The value of cards from 2-9 will be the same as their face value. Face cards and Tens are worth 0, while the value Aces stands at 1. Besides, if the total of the two cards that the dealer draws goes beyond 9 points, then the outcome’s rightmost digit becomes the final value. For example, the player’s hand gets a 5 and 7 card and the banker’s hand gets a 9 and 2 card. The total of the former one will be 2 (5+7 = 12), while the worth of the latter one will be 1 (9+2 = 11). In this case, the gamblers wagering on the Player’s side will win.

The bet pays at the ratio of 1:1 when the Player’s side wins, and at 0.95:1 when the Banker’s side wins. So, when the Banker’s hand is higher, gamblers have to pay a commission of 5%. But the Player will win $8 or $9 per $1 if there is a tie. The usual chances of getting a higher Banker’s hand are 45.8% while 44.6% of the time, the Player’s side wins. The chances of getting a tie are 9.6%. Depending on the live baccarat online casino site, the user can place side bets, including either pair, perfect pair, etc. if they want to add diversity to their gameplay.

Live Baccarat Variations

Just like all other casino games, baccarat has several variations to make this classic casino game more enthralling. These variations feature some rules or let the users place additional bets, which makes live baccarat online more intriguing and captivating.

live baccarat online

Punto Banco

This variant is amongst the most favored variations because it resembles the classic version the most. In Punto Banco, 6 decks of 52 cards, the betting options are the same, and the user can place bets on the Player, the Banker, or a tie. Once a user places the bet, and the cards are dealt, a user cannot change his mind. While playing Punto Banco, your online baccarat live dealer will draw four cards, two for the Banker and two for the Player, and then can go ahead with a third-round depending on the values.


Mini Baccarat is similar to Punto Banco. The only difference is that it is the lower-stakes version, which makes it a reasonable option for gamblers with a tighter budget. So, new people who wish to play live baccarat online usually prefer Mini Baccarat. Another unique characteristic of this variant is that it uses a smaller table than other variations.

Mini-Baccarat is played at a faster speed as well, which appeals to people who have a profound interest in this gaming option. The dealers use 8 standard decks of cards in this variant. Like Punto Banco, a player cannot change their bets once they place a wager.

What To Consider When Choosing A Live Baccarat Site?

online casinos with live baccartat gameWhile playing live baccarat online Canada, you can choose from many options but you should always aim for the platform that offers HD video quality, is not rigged, and offers seamless streaming. The live casino baccarat should feel like a real-life experience where you are greeted by professional dealers, posh tables, and the thrills of original casinos.

The online casino should feature live-streaming in high quality so that you can enjoy an immersive experience. The players should also look for live chat options with their dealers, which will enable them to clear their doubts and resolve their queries instantly. Real-time gaming also guarantees the genuineness and fairness of the game.

How To Start Playing Live Baccarat

  1. To play live casino baccarat, you will have to sign up with the platform of your preference.
  2. After registering, the gamer will have to fund their account using a web wallet, credit card, online banking, debit cards, and other methods.
  3. Then, you will select the table based on your betting limit.
  4. Lastly, make some deposits, and stay playing this interesting game, and enjoy your winnings.

Live Baccarat Strategy

  • There are no full-proof strategies or tricks to win all your baccarat games. If the gamer feels the energy is flowing away from the dealer and they have started losing, they can switch the sides and bet on the Player’s side. The gamer shouldn’t switch immediately and wait for at least two consecutive losses.
  • Stay away from the tie bet. Although the tie bet offers a considerable winning ratio, the chances of having a tie are not even 10%.
  • In the traditional game, a player will be making approximately 40 decisions in an hour. On the other hand, in the Mini Baccarat version, the gamer will be making up to 200 decisions in the same time-frame. This means that even though Mini-Baccarat does not require huge bets, you may actually end up losing more if the luck is not in your favor. For the Mini Baccarat variant, you must place bets on the Banker. This will reduce the amount you can lose significantly.
  • Lastly, you should always refrain from playing continuously for hours as well as investing a lot of money in the game. Take breaks, think, and a decent nap before you begin playing again.

live baccarat in canada

Live Baccarat Benefits


When you play live baccarat online, you can gamble while staying comfortably at home. Playing online will only require you to log in and fund your account.

Low risk

The odds for a player to win in Baccarat are 44.62% and the losing chance for a player is 45.85%. The chance for a hand to end a tie is 9.53%. If you follow the winning streak, you are less likely to lose a significant amount of money.


This entertainment source is faster than every other game, and one round gets finished in almost a minute. This makes this game interesting and time-saving.

Easy to understand

Within just five minutes of watching the game or reading any guide, even novice gamblers can learn how to play. There are three betting options, the Player’s side, the Banker’s side, and tie. Every player has to bet on one of the options and they will win if their chosen hand gets cards with higher values.

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Baccarat Variations

Just like the majority of the casino games, baccarat also has several variants that makes this classic casino game more enthralling and exciting. Two of the most popular variants include:

Punto Banco

Punto banco is played using six standard decks of 52 cards. While the betting options remain the same, gamblers can place their stake on the Player or on the Banker.

Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat is the low-stake version of the classic card game. The betting options are similar to Punto Banco and if you prefer placing smaller bets, Mini Baccarat will not disappoint you.

Live Baccarat Bonuses

live baccarat with first deposit bonusAlmost all live casino baccarat offer enticing bonuses to new players on their first deposits, including free spins and cash benefits. Overall, live baccarat bonuses come in different packages and types. Bonuses like no deposit bonus, welcome bonus or sign up bonus allow players to get started with their baccarat experience. On the other hand, there are bonuses that reward players for their frequency and loyalty at live baccarat casino.

Live Dealer Baccarat Mobile & Apps

Popular casinos have mobile apps and fully-optimized websites for mobile and tablet use. This means that for playing live dealer baccarat online casino, the gamer does not even have to open their laptop. They can easily log in to the casino’s website through their smartphones and have fun playing.

Payment Methods At Live Baccarat Casino

Canadians can pay using their credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, online banking options, and other online payment options. After logging in, they will have to provide payment details, verify the transaction using OTP or another way of authentication, and pay to begin playing.


In the online casino world, live baccarat games are emerging increasingly. Here a real dealer hosts the gamer over the internet. Because the chances of winning are high, novice gamblers prefer this simple game over other gambling options. This entertainment source also attracts millions of players every year because it is completely fair, has less risk, and offers decent rewards. But you should always refrain from going overboard and placing a tremendous bet.


🤑 What live baccarat games pay out more?
Almost all live games offer similar rewards against wagers, and even if there is a difference, it is insignificant.
🎱 Do real-time gaming casinos (RTG) have live baccarat games available?
Due to its popularity, all RTG casinos have live baccarat games available.
📌 What is the difference between online and live baccarat games?
Online baccarat games are virtual. In the case of the live version, it is a real dealer who hosts the game. You can even witness the croupier dealing through live streaming.
🔎 Do all casinos offer live baccarat games?
No, not every casino offers the live version but the well-known ones do.
🤔 Can I play live baccarat for free?
You can't play live baccarat for free because the game is available to play using valid currency only.
🎲 How many decks are used in baccarat online?
In this online entertainment source, 6-8 decks are used depending on the variant.
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