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Live Blackjack in Canada

The game of Blackjack exists for a long time now. At first, players could only gamble on the blackjack table in a traditional casino. When online gambling became an option, gamblers were given the chance to play a traditional blackjack game. Finally, casinos introduced a new, more exciting, and easily accessible option – online blackjack live!

Live blackjack combines the excitement of playing with a dealer and other players in real-time. It works by using a live video stream with players making real-time bets to test their luck. Players cannot be seen by others in a live Blackjack online game, but they all see a blackjack dealer.

When you play blackjack, live dealers are on your screen and deal actual cards, shuffle a real deck, communicate with you and other players, etc. It’s basically a virtual game of Blackjack that brings real experience to you without having to go to a land-based casino.

This surely took online gambling to an entirely new level. Canadian gamblers can even pick between different variations of the blackjack game to play it live.

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Difference between Traditional Online Play and Online Blackjack Live Dealer

Once you select and launch a game, you’ll see an online blackjack live dealer. Dealers are people who deal your cards, interact with you and other players, and simply handle the play at your table. The stream on your screen will take place at a studio or at a brick-and-mortar casino and will be streamed in real-time. You’ll be able to manage image quality, camera angle, window size, etc.

In terms of fundamentals, there will be no difference between online play and traditional blackjack play. It’s still blackjack and rules are as they’ve always been. In most cases, playing games live will cost you more than choosing traditional options. Wagering minimums are often higher for such tables.

Due to increased costs associated with live video streaming, stakes at such tables can be much higher. Your minimum deposit will be at least half as in traditional play.

But, experiences are much more attractive, too. This is a more exciting version since, even though you’re playing through a browser (in most cases apps don’t support live play), you can gamble in real time, speak to dealers, and immerse yourself in the background, sounds, and lights of an actual casino.

One of the most obvious pros of playing blackjack live over a traditional form is that it’s more fun. It also takes longer, so the fun is spread out even longer. There are social interactions, and you can virtually see the actual decks being dealt on your screen. In terms of fundamentals, there’s no difference between the live and traditional blackjack offered at a casino.

real casino blackjack vs live blackjack

Variations of Live Dealer Blackjack in Canada

In addition to a traditional French version, there are other kinds of live dealer blackjack. The most popular are Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch, and Double Exposure.

How to Play Live Blackjack Online

live blackjack playingWhen you play live blackjack online, you can use the same strategies as when you play at a real casino. First of all, you need to know the basics of this game. If you have played it before, you probably already know the rules of blackjack. However, if you’re choosing to play a new game, you can always check the rules and details on your selected website or, if available, opt for a short demo play before you get started.

Review the wagering requirements of the casino before you select to play it. Make sure that it fits your budget and that there’s room on your selected table.

Once you’re in, you need to follow the dealer – he or she will tell you when the game begins, what you need to do, when it is your turn, etc.

In live blackjack, there are also many features that aren’t available at land-based casinos. Some of these include:

  • Bet behind – the chance to back a selected player on a table and bet on them while you wait for your turn.
  • Multi seat – you can choose several seats on a table and play several hands simultaneously.
  • Rebet/ Autoplay – a button that lets you repeat a stake or set it for several consecutive hands.
  • Timer – a tool you can use to calculate your losses and winnings, and keep track of your gambling budgets.
  • Stats and history – information about the table and odds, as well as history of dealers and players.

Rules for Playing Live Blackjack Canada

The goal of players is to reach 21 points. This is the best score you can get and pretty much guarantees that you will win. However, you cannot always aim for that exact number. Your primary goal is to beat the dealer’s card total.

In live blackjack online, cards numbered 2 to 10 have an equal value to their number. So, if you get a 4 and a 8, your total hand value is 12. Face cards, on the other hand, such as Jack, Queen, and King – are all valued at 10. Aces can be 11 or one depending on how you play them with other cards found in your hand. For example, if you draw a two and an Ace, your Ace card will be valued at 11. This makes your hand value 13. But, if you hit and draw a 9, this would make your hand value 22. So, you change an Ace’s value to one and avoid a bust.

As a player, you have many choices for in-play:

  1. Hit – when you request a new card from dealers to increase your hand’s value (you can do this for as many times as you want but have to avoid a bust).
  2. Stand – when you refuse to get another card and you keep your hand as it is.
  3. Split – when you have a pair of the same cards and you decide to create two separate hands with the same value. You need to match your initial bet in this case.
  4. Double Down – when you double your initial bet for a single additional card. After this, you won’t be allowed to hit again. This option is limited at some tables or sites.
  5. Surrender – If you want to quit because you don’t like the hand, you can give it up in exchange for half of your wager.
  6. Insurance  – is a side bet offered to players when ta dealer has the up-card Ace. Before players play their hands, a dealer offers insurance. This is one of the unique features of live blackjack.
  7. Dead hand  – occurs when all players surrender before ta dealer gets to play its hand.

live blackjack online - hit/split/stand/double-down

In addition to these hands, there are numerous side bets available in online Blackjack live games. Depending on the live casino you choose, you’ll be given chances to place a bet when you make your main wager and bet on different things such as: betting on your hand to make a poker hand with the up-card, betting on the dealer’s cards to match yours, etc.

Getting to know terms of the live blackjack online game, let’s review the steps:

  • A Payer buys the chips to play live blackjack
  • A Player places his wager and bets in the game
  • A Dealer shuffles and deals cards to each player
  • A Player decides on how to play his hand
  • A Winner gets the payout

The main goal of blackjack is to beat a dealer, not other players. You can beat him in three ways:

  • When you draw a hand value higher than dealers
  • When a dealer draws a hand value of over 21
  • When you draw a hand value on your two first cards (that is exactly 21), but a dealer doesn’t.

There are also three ways to lose to a dealer in the live blackjack games:

  • If you surrender because you didn’t like the dealt cards
  • If your hand exceeds the value of 21
  • If a dealer’s hand has a greater value than yours.

The rest of the players who gamble online have no effect on your results and whether or not you’ll win some money. This is why the game is so thrilling in the first place – you’re playing against casinos from the virtual blackjack table.

In addition to in-play choices, you’ll also find different rules based on a site you choose to gamble on. For example, in standard US blackjack, dealers stand on a soft 17 that includes an ace. In others they might not. Some gambling websites will allow you to surrender and get half of your bet back, but others will not.

Basically, it will depend on your choice of a casino company, as well as the type of game selected to play.

Canadian casinos have variations of game terms and conditions when it comes to playing live blackjack. You should always check the game rules before you start gambling. This is where bad casinos get you – they have bad odds for the players.

If you want to find the best online live blackjack Canada has to offer, always check the rules and regulations.

For example, some casinos allow their players to double down on a hand they’ve split. Others don’t. The latter is not a good option for you as a player.

Some casinos will allow you to re-split the aces even after you’ve done this one. So, if you get another ace for your new pair, you can do the same thing again.

There are websites that reduce the 3-to-2 payout for Blackjacks to just 6-to-5. This is not a great option since it increases the house edge.

Lastly, there are websites that use a single deck and those that use multiple decks. The rule of thumb is that a 5 or 6 deck game has a higher house edge than a 2 or 3 deck game.

As you may notice, the rules of the game depend greatly on where you are playing. Therefore, you should be mindful of your choice of the casino before you make your wagers.

Short History of Blackjack

live blackjack onlineFor years, Blackjack has been a trend amongst gambling enthusiasts. It’s one of the best and most popular cards and table games. It is believed that it was originated somewhere in France under the name vingt-en-un (this means twenty-one) back in the 17th century.

There have been many versions since its invention. For example, in Russia, this game is very popular and goes by the names Ochko and 21.

The name of the game originates from a traditional French game. A player is rewarded when they draw an Ace of spades and a Jack of spades as the first two cards. Since the first card is an actual blackjack, the game becomes known for this name.

Soon after it was invented, the game travelled the world and became a favourite among gamblers around the globe. When betting was finally legalized, the game flourished. It is now available in most online Canadian casinos.

Useful Blackjack Strategies

Some strategies are proven useful and helpful to players. The best tactic is to grasp basic tricks. This is something you learn with practice but just in case you haven’t, here are a few examples.

  • Split the eights and aces, but don’t split the tens and fives.
  • Hit soft 17 or less, and hit hard 11 or less. Stand on soft 19 or more and stand on hard 17 or more.
  • Double down on hard 11 unless the dealer has an ace. Double down on hard 10 unless they have an ace or a ten.

These are game-specific tricks that all players should be familiar with. Also, try out games with low house edge and companies with favourable rules for the players.

Mobile Live Dealer Blackjack Online

Online blackjack live dealer was an amazing innovation and with its inclusion in mobile gaming, it’s only getting better. In most cases, you won’t find such games in apps, but optimized websites usually allow players to gamble live from a browser version. If you are running an Android or iOS, chances are that you’ll find many mobile-friendly websites.

live bleckjack actions

In the more advanced, high-quality casinos, gambling on your mobile is an option even when you play live games. This means that you can take your smartphone and access an app or browser version of the casino and join a live blackjack game on the go.

Available Bonuses at Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

live blackjack bonusOne of the things to look for when you choose a website to gamble at is bonus offers. Advantages that gambling sites have over traditional casinos include amazing bonus offers that you can only find if you gamble online. With that in mind, you can benefit from plenty of bonus types when gambling with on live blackjack tables:

  • Welcome packages that include match bonuses you can use to bet on a table (make sure you know the bonus’ wagering requirements and rollover percentage for your selected game, too);
  • Game bonuses on selected tables;
  • VIP bonuses for regular players and high rollers;
  • Cashback bonuses offered on selected days, to selected players, etc. These will allow you to get some of your losses back;
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When online betting was just starting off, gamblers were given a chance to explore their favorite games, including blackjack. For a long time, they had a choice between a blackjack game online and a land-based casino. The invention of online blackjack with live dealers changed everything.

Gambling companies decided to blend live video streams with online consoles. Players who enjoyed the actual experience could finally access the thrill from the commodity of their own homes. This option gives players the best of both traditional play and online gambling – excitement from brick and mortar casinos and convenience of playing online.

Live Blackjack has quickly gone mainstream. It is now highly popular among Canadian players and gamblers worldwide. In this game, you have a professional to deal cards and communicate with you via a chat. You see the game live and they don’t see you.

It is no wonder why this game variant has appealed to so many gamblers today.


❓ What is live blackjack online?
Live dealer blackjack is a game when an actual person, a dealer shuffles your cards and deals them to you, interacts with you, all while you play along with other players in real time.
✔️ What live blackjack variations are there?
Depending on the website you are using as well as their chosen software developers, you can find different variants of this game. Some of the most popular ones found include: Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch, and Double Exposure.
🔎 Is dealer blackjack rigged?
Not every casino site is trustworthy. Like any other business and industry, there are bad and good companies. This is why it is crucial that you choose a gambling website that is licensed, highly rated, and secure. If you choose a top-rated website to gamble on, one that is audited and endorsed by trusted organizations like TST and eCOGRA, you can gamble knowing that they offer fair gaming for all of their game options.
🎁 Can I play online blackjack with live dealers for free?
Yes. There are plenty of Canadian casinos today that will allow you to test games before you deposit funds. You might also get a match bonus or some free cash to spend on gambling if you are a new user at a generous website.
👮 Is live dealer blackjack online safe?
As long as you gamble on a safe and trusted website, live dealer blackjack is as safe as any other game you’ll find on their pages.
🎲 Where can I play live Blackjack?
There are plenty of websites in Canada and worldwide now where gamblers can go to play such games. In high-rated, best casinos online, you’ll be able to find many variants and tables for this game. To boost your experience and ensure that you are playing safely, you need to make sure that you gamble at an endorsed, licensed, and highly-rated website. Once you find one, make an account and start gambling there.
🏆 Does live blackjack online come with better odds than in land-based casinos?
Yes. Live tables offer lower house edge online than you can find in land-based casinos.
🔸 Can a dealer or other players see me?
No. All players see the table and a dealer, but no one sees the players.
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